I got into network marketing as a newly married barber trying to make extra money to improve my barbershop. I wanted to get more equipment so I could have more barbers. And I had no credit or cash to get new stuff.

I felt terrible at the time because my wife was a fulltime college student and I was struggling with the shop and taking money from our household to do so.

The landlord went up on rent, and I needed to work a second job to meet all the bills. So when a good friend told me about this new way to make money I was very excited.

It was clear to me how I could spend fewer hours working and also get the equipment I need to expand the shop. What really excited me was residual income which I never even heard of before.

I got going building my first down following the company system and made money right away. I felt like I had learned some underground secret. I was spending a few hours a week calling people on my list getting them information about my opportunity.

I recruited a few friends and family members and was passing on what I learned to help them get started. But I ran into a problem. I found out quick that prospecting friends and family brought on severe rejection and ran out of people to talk to.

I found out the hard way that the system I was using was outdated. I was so determined and being told it takes seven follow-ups to get someone into the business, so I was bugging the heck out of the same people. It got so bad people started avoiding me when I called.

So I had no choice but to start approaching strangers in shopping malls, coffee shops, grocery stores you name it. But the problem is that is not duplicatable at all.

I got so sick and tired. I almost quit until I found a new way of prospecting called attraction marketing. This new way made it possible to build my list without rejection and using automation. So after dealing with extreme pain, I wanted to show others how to avoid what I went through, and that’s what this site is all about.